StatusApi Resource

GET /status

Check if the Explorer service is healthy

Response Body
media type data type description
application/json HealthCheckReport (JSON) an object of the type HealthCheckReport containing results from all the contained health checks. Currently, the following health checks are enabled:

  • DB_CHECK_TIMESTAMP: a database query to find the current time of the database server and compare it to the current time of the client server.


GET /status
Accept: application/json

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "healthCheckResults" : [ {
    "responseTimeMillis" : 12345,
    "healthy" : true,
    "healthCheckType" : "DB_CHECK_TIMESTAMP"
  }, {
    "responseTimeMillis" : 12345,
    "healthy" : true,
    "healthCheckType" : "CORE_CHECK"
  } ],
  "healthy" : true,
  "totalResponseTimeMillis" : 12345